[altImage] When Audrey and I lived in Brooklyn we discovered these unbelievably delicious deli cheese crisps at a local bakery. Now that we moved to Vermont, it's good to know we can still enjoy the ethnic flavor of our old neighborhood.

Made by taking newly kneeded sourdough, rolling and folding it over aged imported cheeses, then cut into strips and baked twice for exceptional crispness and flavor. Take it from us, they're outrageous!

Buy any three flavors and pay a special reduced price! Choose any three and pay only $5.95 per bag!

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CCR Cheddar Asiago Crisps 6 oz $6.95
DCC Double Cheese Onion Crisps 6 oz bag $6.95
GYR Gruyere Crisps 6 oz. bag $6.95
RCC Rosemary Cheddar Crisps 6 oz $6.95
ZRC Zesty Romano Crisps 6 oz. $6.95

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